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Missouri SATOP Assessment Screening Process

The first part of the SATOP process is an assessment screening of the driver’s alcohol and substance use as it relates to their driving behavior. Based on the results of the SATOP assessment screening, the driver is recommended to a specific SATOP program level; either education, intervention, or rehabilitation.

There are six different SATOP program levels which may be recommended. Each of the six SATOP program levels are described in detail on our SATOP Program Levels page.

The screening assessment is conducted at a certified SATOP Offender Management Unit (OMU) by a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (QSAP). Click here for a complete list off all certified SATOP OMU’s in Missouri (listed alphabetically by County and City). The driver may chose any approved OMU and must contact an OMU to make an appointment for an initial screening.

*What happens when I arrive at SATOP?*

Upon arrival at the OMU for the initial screening appointment, the driver must pay a $120 “Screening Fee” and a $125 “Supplemental Fee” ($245 total). The assessment screening consists of the following:
# Department of Revenue Missouri Driver History Record Check (conducted by the OMU);
# Completion of the Missouri Driver Risk Inventory II (DRI-II) (written test); and
# An Individualized Interview with a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (QSAP).