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How much does the Missouri SATOP cost?

The Missouri State Traffic Offender Program (SATOP) requires participants to pay two separate fees.

At the time of the initial appointment for screening, all participants must pay a $125 “Supplemental Fee” and a $120 “Screening Fee” ($245.00 total) The Supplemental Fee is deposited in the Mental Health Earnings Fund to be used to purchase approved intervention and counseling services for repeat and persistent DWI offenders who otherwise are unable to afford the services.

Depending on the SATOP services to which the driver is assigned to complete, the charges range from approximately $100-815.

The six program levels are:
*SATOP Offender Education Program (OEP)
*SATOP Adolescent Diversion Education Program( ADEP)
*SATOP Weekend Intervention Program (WIP)
*SATOP Clinical Intervention Program (CIP)
*SATOP Youth Clinical Intervention (YCIP)
*SATOP Traditional Treatment

Most first-time offenders are assigned to the “Offender Education Program” (OEP), a 10- hour course which costs approximately $100.