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Missouri Minor in Possession (MIP) Law Introduction

Missouri’s Minor in Possession (MIP) statute became effective August 28, 2005, and expanded the definition of “possession” to include “possession by consumption” and appearing “visibly intoxicated.”

Missouri’s MIP “possession by consumption” law now provides that minors (16-20 years old) who plead guilty, or are convicted of minor in possession (MIP) will have their driver license suspended for 30 days for the 1st offense, 90 days for the 2nd offense, and revoked for a year for the 3rd or any subsequent MIP offense. An suspended imposition of sentence (SIS) has the same impact on a minor’s driver license as a conviction.

The current Missouri minor in possesion (MIP) law provides for the Expungement of a MIP conviction when specific requirements are met. The “expungement” of a MIP conviction is the court-ordered removal of all official records of the arrest, plea, trial and conviction relating to the MIP. The effect of an expungement under Missouri minor in possession (MIP) law is to restore a person’s legal status to that he or she had before the arrest, plea or conviction of MIP, as if the MIP never happened.

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